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Pre and Post-Natal Yoga

Why is Yoga so Important when you're Pregnant?
Pregnant woman in yoga class

When a woman becomes pregnant her body begins to change pretty rapidly. Within the first few months she may begin noticing new aches and pains and a feeling of being uncomfortable with her body. Yoga can help with this. The breathing practices and poses can help a woman be comfortable in her ever changing body.  The breathing practice can help her to slow down. 


The poses can give her all important pelvic floor the strength and elasticity it will need during labor and delivery.  Poses can also help the hips open and assist the baby's head to engage into the pelvis as he or she gets closer to birth. All this and more can be found in a pre-natal yoga class or a couples workshop.  You do NOT need any yoga experience.  


Post-natal yoga can help you recover from your birth and help you to get your pre-pregnancy body back. I offer private classes for both pre and post-natal yoga.  Just try it.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.  


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