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Grounding during pregnancy, labor and birth.  How important is it and how you can do it. (First in a

Grounding Meditation

Grounding. What is that? Well it’s a way to get our bodies and our spirit to be one, which helps us cope with everyday life. As you know we as humans tend to stretch ourselves every day to keep up with our families and our careers. We live in the future (or the past) and worry about everything. Kids, partners, dogs, whatever. Being grounded to the earth is important. For your health, for your sanity, and for your unborn baby.

Your baby is a beautiful little spirit that is in the process of coming earth side. They feel everything you feel. If your upset, they feel it. If your happy, they are happy with you. If your just gliding along in the world, well so is your baby. If your grounded, then they will be too.

Reconnecting with the earth can bring balance back to your body. How? By using the earth’s energy to help your body to relieve stress and calm down. Taking some time to ground yourself can result in improved sleep, which can positively affect your energy, ward off depression, anxiety and other issues. When your awake, grounding can help reduce inflammation – which can cause or aggravate everything from chronic diseases to premature aging.

Research suggests that grounding can even reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and other signs of inflammation. Wait, grounding can reduce pain? How does that work when I’m in labor?

Labor is not a picnic. That’s why they call it labor instead of a picnic. During the beginning stage of labor, being grounded can help you relax and “roll” with the contractions. You can even take a minute and ground yourself between contractions. Go outside with your feet bare. Stand on the earth. Take some deep breaths. Let the earth take your stress away. It will. Sounds easy, right? Well it is easy. Just try it.

As labor progresses your partner and/or doula can help you with this. If your partner and doula are grounded, its more likely that you will feel safe with them during labor. Calm, grounded energy counts here, a lot. More than people think. For example. You know how you feel when someone is all over the map and their energy is just out there? How do you feel? Do you want to run away? How do you feel when someone is calm and loving. Don’t you want to hang out with that person? I surely do.

So ground yourself. Help your partner ground themselves. Ground your children, your parents, your friends. Do it every day. It helps. A lot! You will be healthier, happier and have less anxiety.

Contact me and I will send you a FREE grounding meditation! Text me at (925) 895-4948 or email me at i'll send it to you right away.

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