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Painless labor. What? Is this a real thing?

Have you ever thought about how it would be to have a painless labor? I sure have. And if your pregnant, I’m sure you have too. I just read an article about acupressure and labor from “Wellness Mama.” If you haven’t heard of her, I think she’s a good resource for pregnancy. Here’s her website.

What I know about acupressure I learned from taking advanced doula training classes that included a workshop on acupressure. I also learned about acupressure when I went to an acupuncturist and couldn’t take having even very thin needles put into my body. I think if was frustrating for both of us, so he did acupressure instead using a different kind of needle that he didn’t have to insert. It worked pretty well. As a doula I would like to see every woman have a beautiful relatively pain free labor. Now wouldn’t that be great!! I think it’s possible with acupressure, relaxation meditations, visualization, slow breathing, and energy work.

That said, let's look at how acupressure may help labor pains. First let’s look at what Acupressure is. Acupressure is based on the principles of Acupuncture, which is a form of traditional Chinese medicine. It is not massage, but rather a direct firm pressure on a specific area of the body. You can use your fingertips, thumb, the blunt end of a pencil, elbows, or other hard round objects. Acupressure can be used for pain relief and to help get a labor going again when it seems to stall. Here’s some pressure points you can try during your pregnancy (after 37 weeks please) and labor. Practice these pressure points before you go into labor. Use gentle pressure and always check with your Midwife or Dr. beforehand. During labor you will want use a more intense pressure on these points and often. Have your doula help you or teach your partner how to do it so you can get some pain relief. You may feel pressure, heaviness or even an intense tingling at the point of pressure. All ok. If its to intense, back off. You will want to repeat the acupressure often during labor for relief. Now lets get to the pressure points that will help you during pregnancy and labor.

Now lets get to the pressure points that will help you during pregnancy and labor.

No. 1 The area between the thumb and forefinger. Get labor started and is helpful when beginning the pushing phase of labor.

No. 2 Lower back points. Great for back labor, or in the middle of an intense contraction for counterpressure. You may want to play around with the position of the thumbs to find out what feels best.

No. 3 Bottom of the foot. These points pull energy downward and can help during transition. They can also help to calm stress and anxiety.

No. 4 Right behind the ankle bone. This point is generally used for pain relief in the body. Most women like this point during transition.

No. 5 Inner calf about 4 fingers above the inside ankle bone. There will be a tender spot so find that. In case of a stalled labor, use this along with no. 1 to encourage stronger contractions. Have the woman apply pressure to no. 1 and have a doula or partner apply pressure to no. 5.

You will need to experiment with these and see which ones work best for you. What feels best during pregnancy could be very different of what feels best during labor. Acupressure is safe and harmless so why not give it a try. It may be one of the best tools you have in your labor tool box.

A doula is a great thing to have in your labor tool box too!! Call, text (925) 895-4948 or click here to contact me today for a FREE, yes FREE consultation!! I can help you have a painless labor.

Yes! It is always a great day to get a Doula!!

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