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Reiki can help you with your Infertility. Here's how.

Anyone that has struggled with infertility can attest to the fact that stress and anxiety is a real issue. Each month can either bring happiness or disappointment. Each IVF cycle can bring the same emotions. Happiness or disappointment. I would love to see more happy faces than sad ones which is a big reason why I practice Reiki. I would rather see smiles instead of pain, stress or anxiety.

In an earlier blog, I recommended Reiki for a “painless” birth. I’ve been doing research on infertility and Reiki. The research looks promising so I’m excited to add this type of therapy to my tool box so I can not only help women during labor, but also families that are looking for additional help in getting pregnant, either IVF or naturally. How does it work? Well Reiki is energy. Beautiful energy that never does harm. Rei means “spirit” and ki means “energy,” so literally, the word “Reiki” translates as “spiritual energy.” Energy is in everything we see, touch, smell and taste. Reiki can be useful for couples trying to become pregnant by natural means or for those undergoing assisted reproduction treatment. Reiki also improves male fertility as it can help in cases of erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. Yes really. Reiki increases the vital energy flowing through our bodies, which in turn can help the endocrine system and main organs work properly that increases the chances of getting pregnant. Reiki is a manipulation of energy that is a gentle and safe healing practice (therapy) that can be done hands-on (or off), in person, or from a distance to help alleviate stress, anxiety, physical, emotional and spiritual stress. It can also help pain relief and relaxation during IVF or other types of fertility treatments. I truly believe that Reiki can help infertility and this interview of Leanne Hodgson shows how. This research also shows recommendations for Reiki during IVF treatments.

How can Reiki improve fertility?

Reiki contributes to overall health, including reproductive health. Couples that suffer from infertility are often faced with high amounts of stress Reiki helps to reduce stress as it increases blood flow to reproductive organs, stimulates the hormone production and improves the immune system.

How does Reiki Work?

Reiki helps to balance the endocrine system as each gland is treated with energy of Reiki during a session. By applying Reiki to the reproductive organs, it helps to eliminate negative energy that builds up as a result of stress, negative thoughts and emotions accumulated day after day.

Recommended schedule for IVF cycle

Reiki before and after egg retrieval (2 sessions of 1 hour): • It helps to reduce stress and produce the necessary hormones for egg maturation before egg retrieval.

• Reiki following the egg retrieval removes any built-up tension during the process while preparing the uterus for embryo transfer.

Before and after embryo transfer (1 session of 1 hour before transfer; 1 session of 40 minutes after transfer): • Treatments focus on relaxing your body, specifically the uterus, thus allowing it to receive and nurture the embryo adequately.

• Reiki immediately after embryo transfer reduces anxiety, stabilizes the endocrine system and relaxes the uterus by regulating energy flow and thus increasing the possibilities of a successful implantation. Reiki in the days after embryo transfer (1 session of 1 hour): • Reiki at any time within the days after the transfer helps the implantation of the embryo.

Reiki before sperm collection (2 sessions of 1 hour): • Reiki before sperm collection helps to improve erectile dysfunction and increase sperm quality, count and motility.

An interview of Leanne Hodgson at by Sarah Clark.

Here’s an even more in-depth look at Reiki and the chakras and how they can influence fertility from the interview with Leanne. Reiki is [an] energy healing modalit[y]. People are energetic beings. We have a human energy field that is made up of our aura, our chakras and our meridian system. There are many reasons that a person's energy flow can become blocked or negatively impacted (which I will outline later on).

• Energy healing re-establishes the normal flow of energy into and within the energetic systems of the body, which allows the body to operate optimally and to access the body's innate ability to heal itself. Energy healing works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our health.

• Reiki is a natural and powerful, yet safe and gentle hands-on healing art that restores a person's body, mind and spirit to balance. Reiki is a Japanese term meaning Universal Life Force Energy, which is the pure, positive, creative energy that is around and within all living things.

• There are 7 major energy centres in the body called chakras. The chakras are responsible for bringing energy into the body to fuel the organs and systems that are associated with each chakra. When the chakras are balanced and energy is freely flowing through them, the organs and systems function optimally. When there are energy blockages in the chakras, the organs and systems struggle to operate and dysfunction or disease may appear.

• Many factors can cause the chakras to go out of balance - today’s busy lifestyle, stress, emotional trauma, negative thought patterns, environmental toxins, medications, preservatives and hormones in our food etc.

• Working as a support system to the body, Reiki re-establishes a normal flow of energy throughout the body by bringing the chakras back into balance. This balanced flow then enhances and accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

How would you approach someone with dealing with infertility?

• When a Reiki practitioner is working with someone having fertility issues, they explore where the energy is blocked or out of balance and begin to restore those areas. Many times, the energy in and around the reproductive systems (the sacral chakra) is very low, particularly if the woman has old emotional wounds stored in this area. This can affect the reproductive organs and hormone levels that support ovulation.

As a Reiki practitioner and a Doula, I know this to be true. Old emotional wounds can also interfere with labor and birth. Restoring balance to this area is key which is why I recommend Reiki, even during pregnancy, to help balance those areas. Below she addresses how Reiki enhances medical procedures. Enhances them in a good way. • Reiki enhances rather than interferes with other medical procedures so it can be used in conjunction with fertility treatments. Reiki is widely recommended for lack of energy, stress reduction, pain relief, strengthening of the immune system, improved sleep, better digestion, less anxiety and depression, recovery from surgery, abuse and trauma, relief from disease-related symptoms and the side effects of medical treatment.

Here's a personal story that shows how Reiki can help when it comes to medical procedures. I have a dachshund and as you may know dachshunds are known to have bad backs. 3 years ago, I took him to the vet to get checked because he was having some kind of pain. Every time I went to pick him up he cried. This broke my heart. I took him to the doctor and they took an x-ray. Come to find out he had a bad back. While I was still at the vet, he became paralyzed and couldn’t move his back legs. I was literally freaking out.

I took him to another vet a couple of days later and he did surgery on his back. He told me that it may not work because the compression from his discs on his spine was pretty bad. I had recently started my Reiki training and put the word out to my Reiki group to send Reiki to my little boy. The day he had his surgery I was at work. I sent Reiki to my little boy the whole time he was having surgery. I also sent it to him the days after his surgery that he was at the vet. I picked him up and he was already starting to wag his tail. The vet couldn’t believe it. The vet said that Spiker (yes that’s my dogs name) was a miracle dog. Was it the Reiki or was it the surgery? I believe that yes it was the Reiki energy that helped my little dog heal up so quickly.

What about stress or a sense of peace and knowing, or alleviate blocks that can interfere with fertility. Here are some answers from Leanne.

Stress can play a big part with infertility. Can you explain more about how Reiki can alleviate stress?

• Reiki enables the body to go into a deeply relaxed state. This allows women to experience a reduction in their stress levels. When stress levels are reduced, the body maintains its balance better and the organs and systems can operate optimally. Reiki can also release negative emotions, which can result in a shift towards more hope and having a more positive outlook.

. . . Many people experience a loss of power or control with infertility. How can Reiki help to give them a sense of peace and let them tap into their inner power and knowing?

• Having a Reiki treatment is very empowering in itself because it is something a woman can do to take control of her health and well-being. Reiki works to balance body, mind and spirit, each treatment further strengthens a woman in each of these areas. When her energy is flowing and balanced, a sense of peace will return and her natural state of inner strength and knowing will follow.

Regular Reiki treatments promote an overall sense of clarity, vitality, well-being and inner peace. The mind body connection is very powerful. Many people going through infertility experience mental blocks, such as memories, fears or beliefs about parenthood. How can Reiki release these blocks?

• Reiki is pure positive energy. It has the power to release negative emotions and beliefs as energetic blocks are cleared. Reiki raises your energy to a higher vibration which allows for new possibilities in one's life. After the mental blocks are released what would be the next step? How many sessions would you recommend?

• Healing is a process and it is different for each person. Your body knows what it needs to heal and in which order. Mental or physical blocks may be released first or simultaneously. Reiki is smart energy and it will go where it is needed – that is the beauty of it.

• I use a pendulum so that I and the client can see which chakras have energy blockages associated with them. By the end of the session, I recheck the chakras to see if the chakras have come back into balance. From there, I can recommend when another session might be beneficial. I also tell people to go by how they feel. When they start to not feel as well, it's time for another treatment.

• What is different for each person is how long the chakras will hold the balance. All of the factors that we talked about earlier (stress, thoughts etc) will affect this. People whose energetic system needs a lot of repair may only be able to hold the balance for a week or two. However, over time and with consistent treatments, a treatment once a month may be enough to keep the chakras balanced and create the perfect environment for conception to take place.

An interview of Leanne Hodgson at by Sarah Clark

As this interview, and my story about Spiky, shows, Reiki can be a great addition to your regular medical options regarding both infertility and birth as it enhances rather than interferes with any treatment.

As a Reiki practitioner and a Doula, my life’s work is to help women have amazing births. That means to help them get pregnant as well as give them piece of mind, less pain, stress, and anxiety during infertility treatments, pregnancy, labor, birth and everyday life.

Can you imagine if Reiki was used to enhance your treatments or your birth? You may have better results with Reiki than without. Isn’t it worth at least a try? Contact me today so I can show you how I can help you achieve an amazing pregnancy and birth so you can write an amazing birth story.

Contact me today for a FREE Consultation and a FREE (yes FREE) Reiki Session (Reiki session is approximately 10 to 15 minutes and is a distance healing. This means that you don’t have to leave home to benefit from Reiki.) All you need to do is find a comfy place to rest and a time that works for both of us. The rest is up to me and Reiki.

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