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Planning a hospital birth? Here's 18 things that the hospital may supply for you during labor a

Having a baby can be expensive and a challenge all by itself and then there’s lists of all the stuff you need at home and at the hospital. I have been to several hospital births, so let me make it easy for you to figure out what you need when you have a hospital birth. The good news is that the hospital does supply most of the things you need for your hospital stay for you and your baby while you’re there so you save money. The not so good news is that not all hospitals supply the same things, so you may want to ask on your hospital tour what the hospital will provide you during your stay.

Here’s a list of what the hospital may supply for you during labor and postpartum.

  1. Hospital Gowns

  2. Disposable underwear

  3. Socks

  4. Sanitary pads

  5. Pillows

  6. Nursing pads

  7. Towels

  8. Peri bottle

  9. Warm blankets (which are wonderful)

  10. Shampoo

  11. Water along with a pitcher and cup for ice chips

  12. Soap

  13. Juice (usually cranberry, orange or apple)

  14. Body lotion

  15. Hospital food (yum?)

  16. Tucks (these are great for your perineum after birth)

  17. Plastic bags and ice for an ice pack

  18. Nipple cream

This list is pretty basic for most hospitals. Knowing what the hospital will supply for you will make it much easier for you to figure out what you need to bring for yourself and your partner.

Stay tuned for additional information regarding what you need to bring to your hospital birth.

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