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Common Myths About Doulas (what you think we do and what we really do)!

I get a puzzled look when I tell people what I do, I would say about 75% of the time. When I tell them I’m a “doula” they assume that “doula” is another name for midwife. Well, that's not true. Doula's do not do anything medical. We don't do exams, and we don't catch babies. Check out the following list for other myths and truths regarding doulas!

MYTH: A Doula is the same thing as a Midwife.

TRUTH: Doulas and Midwives are very different. While a Midwife performs medical tasks and helps deliver the baby, a Doula does not do either one of those tasks. She is there to support you and your family physically and emotionally.

MYTH: A Doula is only valuable if I’m planning a natural birth.

TRUTH: A Doula is valuable for ANY birth and supports your wishes. Even if you have a medicated birth (epidural or other medicine) a Doula can help you continue to progress and achieve a vaginal birth.

MYTH: There is no point in hiring a Doula if I’m planning a cesarean.

TRUTH: A Doula can help you plan ahead of time for your cesarean birth and guide you through the process. Depending on the hospital and your care provider, your doula may not be allowed in the operating room. However, she can join you in recovery as soon as you get there. If your partner wants to go with the baby, he or she will not have to worry about you being left without support.

MYTH: Doulas only attend homebirths.

TRUTH: A Doula will attend any birth, including free births, home births, birth center births, and hospital births.

MYTH: A Doula is not necessary because my husband (mom/friend/etc.) will be there.

TRUTH: A Doula does not replace anyone on your birth team. She enhances their roles by guiding them on how to support you during labor and birth. A doula is also a non-stop support for you and your family.

MYTH: A Doula will interfere with medical advice and argue with the hospital staff.

TRUTH: A Doula does not interfere with medical advice or argue with the hospital staff. She is there to help make your birth peaceful, not cause disagreements. She will, however, hep you advocate for yourself and your baby.

MYTH: Doulas dislike doctors and hospitals.

TRUTH: Doulas have a great appreciation and respect for doctors and hospitals.

MYTH: A Doula will talk to the medical staff for you.

TRUTH: A Doula will remind you of questions to ask the medical staff, but she does not talk to them for you. She’s there to help guide you along with giving you tips on how to possibly negotiate with your care providers.

MYTH: A Doula leaves as soon as the birth is over and that’s the end of the relationship.

TRUTH: A Doula will stay with you for a couple of hours after your birth to make sure you, your new baby and partner are doing well. A Doula will have a follow up visit (or two) with you in the days/weeks to come. Doulas love to see how your new family is doing!

Bottom line is Doulas can help you have a peaceful and amazing birth. Contact me today to learn more.

My specialty is helping you have an amazing birth for you and your family. Sign up for a FREE consultation with me and find out how. No strings attached! Call (925) 895-4948 or contact me today to arrange yours.

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