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All Packages include

Free Consultation with me to see if I am a good fit for you and your birth team.  You will also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have. 

Phone and email Support. After you choose me as your doula, you will have access to me via email and phone support during regular business hours.   This means you can ask me anything like, "how can I get my labor started" or "what is pre-labor."

Pre-natal Visits This visit last about 2 hours and may include assistance with a birth plan, answering any questions you have about the birth process, childbirth questions and giving you and your partner tips on pregnancy,  pain control, labor and birth.  

Postnatal Visits This visit usually lasts about 2 hours.  I can assist you with breastfeeding, newborn care, and perhaps the opportunity to take a shower along with cooking, light housework or anything else you many need.   I can also help address any concerns you may have.

Continuous Labor and Birth Support I am on-call for your birth 2 weeks before and after your due date. That means that no matter what I'm doing at the time, I will come and be with you during your labor and birth.  I will also stay with you after birth for 1 to 2 hours to make sure you and your family are doing well.
Budget Friendly Package

Along with everything listed above, this package includes;

2 pre-natal visits

2 postpartum visit 


These visits will last about 2 hours.


The pricing for this package is $750.00.* 

Premium Package

Along with everything listed above, this package includes:


2 pre-natal visits 


2 postpartum visit

All visits last about 2 hours.

Two 60-minute Reiki sessions to promote relaxation (or pick 2 from additional services)

The pricing for this package is $950.00.*


Along with everything listed above, this package includes:

2 pre-natal visits

2 postpartum visit

These visits last about 2 hours.

Holistic services during labor and birth so you can stay relaxed to minimize labor pain (or pick 3 from additional services).


The pricing for this package is $1250.00*

The Works Package

Additional Services
  • 60-minute Reiki Treatment in Client's Home - $90.00

  • 60-minute Couples workshop for you and your partner to learn comfort measures during labor - $85.00 

  • 60-minute workshop on how to be your best advocate for you and your baby - $75.00

  • Birth plan assistance to help you outline your birth, your way - $75.00

  • 60-minute workshop on meditation, visualization and intention setting - $60.00

*Everyone can afford a Doula. You can always make arrangements to pay my fee using an installment plan or ask me about sliding scale fees that can also be paid in installments.  Everyone deserves to have a Doula so you can have an amazing birth."

Your birth, your baby, your choice!

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