The  Reiki  Project

I am currently setting up a "Reiki Project."  I am looking for couples who are expecting a baby (or babies) and would like Reiki and doula services during their pregnancy, birth, labor and during their postpartum period (even if you’re scheduled for a c-section or an induction).  I am writing an article on the wonders of Reiki during pregnancy, birth, labor and the postpartum period and I need your help.

Where ever you decide to birth your baby, either at home, birth center or in a hospital makes no difference to me.  I will give you Reiki and doula services for a reduced amount for your testimonial for my article and for allowing me to tell your story.  If you are interested in participating, you must reside in Northern California, within 100 miles of Sacramento. Get in touch with me today regarding the Reiki Project.