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Reiki - What is it and what it can do for you during pregnancy, labor, birth and infertility beyond.

What is Reiki?

Rei means “spirit” and Ki means “energy,” so literally, the word “Reiki” translates as “spiritual energy.”  Spirit can have many individual meanings including source, god, or the universe along with many other meanings.  Energy is in everything we see, touch, smell and taste. Reiki is a manipulation of energy that is a gentle and safe healing practice (therapy) that can be done hands-on in person, or from a distance, to help alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual stress. It can provide pain relief and relaxation during labor, birth and beyond.  Reiki can do no harm to you or your baby and can be an awesome addition to your current medical care.

Pregnant woman feeling relaxed

Reiki therapy is 100% safe and non-invasive. It is used to facilitate relaxation and recovery, decrease anxiety and treat pain.  Reiki can be used to help improve the whole family’s experience through pregnancy, delivery and the post-partum period by allowing everyone to just relax and take things one at a time.  Still not convinced?  Let’s walk through a typical Reiki treatment.

What is a Reiki Session Like?

Let’s say I come to your house and your pregnancy is making you uncomfortable.  Your whole body just seems to hurt.  You are also feeling a lot of anxiety regarding your labor and birth (as a Reiki practitioner and doula I have tools to help you with this).  I have you get into a comfortable position either on your bed or in a chair, close your eyes and start to breath and relax.  We may do a guided meditation to put you at ease before the treatment.  Right after the meditation I may put my hands gently on your head or I may just hold my hands above your body.  You may start to feel warmth or tingling throughout your body as the Reiki energy begins to work.  I may use my hands directly on you, or hover my hands a little above your body.  As my hands move down your body, you may feel some tightening, perhaps around your heart, in your throat or other parts of your body where your chakras are.  This is absolutely normal and not harmful to you or your baby in any way.  I may hover or touch my hands in a specific spot for a few minutes so I can heal tension and stuck energy in that area.  After that, I will continue move my hands down your body, stopping to give some comforting energy to baby, and then concentrating on the areas of your body that may feel uneasy, uncomfortable or stressed.  Your treatment will then be complete.  During treatments I’ve had clients actually fall asleep and when they wake they feel very good and relaxed with less or no anxiety.  These treatments typically take 30 to 60 minutes. 

         Reiki during Pregnancy.


During preganancy women's bodies can feel heavy and very uncomfortable.  Reiki can help you with that by helping you to relax and feel less pain. After a treatment, you will feel less achy and lower your anxiety level.  You may even be able to sleep better during the last few weeks of your pregnancy.


Can you imagine if I or another Reiki practitioner was at your birth and helped you to relax, relieve your anxiety and be so comfortable that you could fall asleep during labor and wake up just in time to birth your baby?  It can happen. Reiki is useful in dealing with all kinds of pain, including pains during labor and delivery. Reiki can reduce stress and anxiety post-partum, and provides mom’s birth partner a tool to participate more fully through providing care for mom and baby.  Reiki treatments can be provided by a Reiki practitioner like me, mom herself, her partner or by health care professionals.  If your question is, “How can I give Reiki to myself?” It can be a little harder than having someone actually do it for you, but I can teach you.  

             Reiki to help you kick start your labor.


Just imagine being 5 days over due or even one your due date and everyone you know is either calling or texting you to see whats going on.  That really can add to your anxiety.  When you go past your due date, you may begin to feel anxiety about being "late." Don't fret!  Babies come when their ready.  If your baby is over due, the relaxation that a Reiki session can bring to you, may help kick start labor .  What may sound really good about now is a Reiki session with a guided meditation that may just convince your baby it's time to come out and see you.  

             Reiki and labor!


As labor progresses, and the pain intensifies Reiki can help you relax in a way that you may just fall asleep.  Yes it is possible to fall asleep during the labor progress.  Just think, your body is so relaxed from Reiki that you barely even feel your contractions.  Before you know it your baby is crowning and its almost time to meet your baby.  Sounds great to me.


               Reiki and birth!


Ok.  It's time to push and your going to see your baby really soon.  You've had Reiki for labor and your feeling pretty relaxed and comfortable but you also know you have a job to do.  A big job.  So you go inside and have a conversation with your sweet baby. You let baby know that he or she is safe and very much loved and and your going to work together to make this happen.  You feel a sense of knowing that you can do this together.  You patiently wait for your body to tell you to push and then it begins to happen. Baby moves down the birth canal and into your arms.  You and baby are very happy to see each other.  Beautiful!

               Reiki and postpartum care.

Wow, what an amazing adventure. You had a beautiful birth and now your home with your new baby.  Your body is sore and your breasts are engorged from milk.  Oh, and your nipples hurt.  And let's not even talk about the parade of relatives and friends that are in and out of your house.  And what about your other children at home.  They need you too.  Let's not forget the hormones that are still trying to figure themselves out.  Yes, Reiki can help with all of this.  Just give me a call.  I will come by and give you, your baby, and your family Reiki.  Beautiful Reiki that will never do harm, only good. 

                 Reiki and Infertility.


Reiki is the perfect partner to help you and your partner with infertility.  You can feel very anxious and stressed during this time in your life.  Having treatments using Reiki can help unstick stuck energy to help you feel more relaxed.  It can also help prepare your reproductive organs for pregnancy by neutralizing the energy that may help your uterus to be more accepting of implantation of an embryo.  It definitely helps.   

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Meditation can be a perfect fit for pregnancy, labor and birth.  Meditation can be used during all phases of pregnancy, during labor, and after your baby is born.  Why do you want to meditate?  Meditation can help with relaxation and connecting with one's own body and your baby.  Meditation can be done for just 5 minutes day, or several times a day.  You can start by slowing down your breath.  Counting to 3 while you breath in and again count to 3 while you breath out.  Do this for 5 minutes.  All those thoughts in your head? Acknowledge them and move on.  You can also use a mantra, such as "I love you baby" or Peace, love, peace love.  What ever you choose.  Guided meditations are meditations that another person guides you with words.  Usually to a place that you like, and they bring you back again..  Guided meditation is a great way to escape for a few minutes and feel relaxed.  I can help you with this.  .  

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Intention and Visualization Practice

You may wonder what intention and visualization practice has to do with pregnancy, labor and birth.  Think about this.  When you were young you visualized what your partner would look like, the pony you wanted, the truck or car you would have or how you would feel when you put your favorite shirt on.  That all was visualization.  You can do the same thing for your pregnancy, labor and birth. Sit for 5 minutes a day, after the meditation, and visualize how your baby looks when born, how easy your labor will be.  Now imagine how your baby slides easily out of your vagina with no tearing.   Afterwards visualize how easy it is to breastfeed.  Now lets look at intention. Have an intention of an empowered birth.  How?  By writing down what you intend your birth to be.  Write it down and put it somewhere you can read it everyday.  Your list can include - my pregnancy is a delight and I feel so good.  My  labor is easy and so is my birth.  My baby will be a boy (or girl).  etc. etc.  Sometimes the intention list can be hard to make.  Just remember you can put anything on this intention list, even if it's not about your pregnancy, like a new house or a new dress.  Anything.   You can also have an intention setting  empowering ceremony at your baby shower.  it's a great way to feel empowered to birth your baby.  If you would like more information on an empowering ceremony, contact me and we can set it up.  


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