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Couple with baby
I'm planning on having an epidural or some kind of pain medicine.  Will you support me? 

Yes, of course.  There are several ways to birth babies - no meds, meds, water birth and home birth just to name a few.  I will support you no matter what your choice is.  I'm here to help you with any decision you make.  Your baby, your birth.  We can explore the benefits and risks of interventions so you and your partner can make an informed choice.  


Bottom line, it's important to me that you have a choice and I will support your choice no matter what that choice is.  Doula's make a difference!

Will you talk to my care providers for me about my choices?

No.  That is out of my scope of practice.  I'm here to support you.  I believe that you should be comfortable enough with your care provider that you can relay to them your choices for your birth.  We can do some role play so you can be more comfortable when you speak to them if you like.  I can also help you prepare questions that you may have regarding your birth and your newborn's care right after birth that you may ask him or her.   It can be helpful to bring with you some research you found regarding your choices.  For example you may want to wait to cut your baby's umbilical chord until it stops pulsating.  We can find research that you may give your care provider that supports this.  


Do you offer a postpartum visit?

Yes of course!  Within the first couple weeks of your baby's birth, I will come to your home to see you and your new baby.  I can help with newborn care, breastfeeding, or whatever you like.  If you need a minute to take a shower, I'm happy to hold your little one for you.   We can also talk about your birth and how you feel about it.  If you feel you need other assistance that is not in my scope of practice, for example you may feel weepy or angry, I'm happy to refer you to other services that can assist you.  It's important to me that you get the postpartum support that you need so your transition to motherhood for the first, second or sixth time is supported.  If you would like additional visits, we can make arrangements for those as well.  

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