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How to Advocate for yourself , your baby, and your family during conception, pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum

FREE Zoom  Class

Date to be determined

I teach this class because it is very needed by many of us.  We feel like we don't have a say when it comes to our health care.  Well you do.  We all need to remember that your Doctor or Midwife work for you.  The nurses at the hospital or Doctor's work for you.  Sometimes we forget that and we take what they give out.  I'm here to tell you that you don't have to and I can teach you how.  You see I worked at a law firm for over 20 years and learned how to negotiate.  Now I want to teach you.  Obviously not everything can or should be negotiated, but you can learn how to negotiate other things, like fertility treatments, inductions, pre-natal testing, among other things with my tips and tricks. 

In this class you will learn;

     How to formulate a question to respond to a doctor or nurse when you are feeling railroaded

     How to get what you want without making the other person feel uncomfortable 

     How to get more time to respond to a procedure

     How to say no and mean it

     How to advocate for yourself and your baby after birth

     How to respond to vaccine requests (your decision, no one else's and know that you do have a choice)

     Among other things.

How are we going to do this?  We will roll play a bit and talk about the best ways to advocate and negotiate what you want.  Obviously there are times when you may not want to negotiate, but you do want to know what's going to happen and the outcome.  All important. We will also do some role play so you are more comfortable about negotiations. 

Join me for this great workshop.  It will be fun and informational.    


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