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About me


   My name is Karen Reimer and I love what I do. I believe that women are strong and capable of any birth they choose. As a doula, a yoga instructor, and a healer I am ready to help you on your journey. I have taken doula training through a certified DONA trainer along with several workshops through Harmony Doula Mentoring, including hypno-birth, how to use a rebozo, mindful birthing and acupressure for pain relief during pregnancy, labor and birth.  I am also a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and a 95 hour RYT specializing in pre-natal and post-natal yoga.  I have recently completed a 20 hour Pelvic Floor teacher training and am working on certification.  I am also a Reiki practitioner.  Reiki is a meditative practice that allows the body to relax so the body can intuitively do what its supposed to do.  Great for labor and birth. I am always looking for opportunities to further my education to be the best doula I can possibly be for you and your birth. 

    I am the proud Mother of 3 handsome boys and a Grandmother to 3 beautiful grand babies. I have had the privilege of attending several births, including those of my grandchildren. Every birth is special to me and to be able to help women have babies is my life's work. I believe that pregnancy, birth and parenthood is a journey that can bring unconditional love, more challenges than we as women and families ever knew we could face, and undeniable joy.

   During the pregnancy and birth process, families can be inundated with information from the internet, their friends, caregivers and complete strangers that love to tell you what you need to do. As a doula, I am here to help you to process all this information and more. I want you to feel empowered with your choices as a family. I would be honored to empower you and your family so you can make the best decisions for you and your baby (babies) on your journey to an amazing labor and birth.   

My Training and Experience

Childbirth Education and Birth Doula Training through DONA (certification in process)

Continuing Education through Harmony Advanced Doula Training:

 How to write a guided meditation and use self hypnosis during childbirth;

 Using a Rebozo for body work before, during and after birth;

 Supporting VBAC clients, from evidence based facts, to panic attacks;

 Mindfulness Practice for Doulas and their clients;

 Acupressure for pain management during pregnancy, labor and birth.

 Working with Trauma Survivors: Understanding the Special Role of Doulas and Care Providers When a Client Is a Survivor of Abuse 

Variations on Normal and Optimal Fetal Positioning

Cornerstone Doula Training, 2017:       

            Pre-Natal Testing.
            Homeopathy for pregnancy, birth,              and postnatal  use.

           Optimal fetal positioning.

Volunteer Doula at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Volunteer Birth Doula Training at Zuckeberg San Francisco General Hospital

Volunteer PostPartum Doula Training at Zuckerberg San Franicsco General Hospital

"Mindful Birthing" seminar, by Nancy Bardacke, CNM. 

"Flock Yeah" birth workshop, August 2016. 

200 hour RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Dragonfly Yoga and Wellness, 2014

95 hour Pre and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Jane Austin, 2015

20 hour Pelvic Floor Teacher Training with Leslie Howard, 2017

Reiki Shoden Master training, 2017

Reiki Usui/Holy Fire II Master Training, 2017

Metatronia training, 2018


I believe in you and that you know how to birth your baby and your baby knows how to be born.
Together you make a great team.  

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