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I'm in Northern California now to help you have an amazing birth!  Get $75.00 off any of my doula fees for a limited time!

Amazing births begin here at Blissful Beginning Birth Services.  How? My goal as a Doula is to help you have a beautiful birth story.  One that you choose.  As the CEO of BBBS and a Doula I'm here to help you have an amazing birth story.  One full of love and happiness.  I would like every woman to feel empowered and trust their body during the birth process and as a doula, I can do just that.  I can help you have the best birth possible.  In a hospital, home or free birth.  All great options. 


I have an expansive knowledge of labor and birth and how to get you ready for your "birth" day.  I can assist you on your journey by giving you and your family support, information and comfort measures for pregnancy, labor, birth, and after baby is born.  As a Doula, I can also help you and your family to overcome any fear you may have and make your birth story amazing.  I also offer holistic services tailored to labor, birth and the postpartum period that will help you feel confident in yourself and your baby.  I believe in you and that you know how to birth your baby and your baby knows how to be born.  Together you make a great team.   

Baby on a blanket
Newborn Baby

Have you listened to my new Podcast all about Tips and Tricks for a better labor and birth! You don't want to miss it!!  

Have an amazing birth that you choose with less fear and anxiety with my holistic services. 

I use, meditation, visualization,   and intent to help you have less fear and a better birth. 

Doula helping with water birth
Find out about pricing and packages.  They are affordable for everyone.

I believe that everyone who wants a doula should have a doula.  I can make my fees affordable for you and your family.  I also have ideas on how you can afford a doula. 

Woman at doctors office
What is a doula? Find out

A doula is a person who is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother, her partner and their family before, during and after childbirth. 

Girl feeling baby move on mom's tummy

“The best decision I made was having Karen on my birth team!  When I first met her, I liked her immediately.   Her knowledge of labor and birth was outstanding, and Karen’s confidence in me throughout the entire process helped me to have an amazing birth with less fear than I ever imagined. "I’ll never forget when I was pushing and starting to panic she took my hand, looked me in the eye and told me 'take a minute and connect with your baby.  Let her know that she is safe and loved and that you will be there for her no matter what.' That was the turning point in my labor"  - Shay

Sleeping baby with blanket
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"Karen was an amazing addition to my birth team. She kept me calm, collected and focused. Karen is compassionate, open-minded and passionate about what she does. She made me feel comfortable while demonstrating a great deal of knowledge.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a smart and patient doula to support their birth experience." - Trish

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